Capturing low hanging fruit

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    Rich picking from this simple technique.

    First download SEO4Firefox Aaron Walls tool.

    Turn everything off apart from Page Rank in options, and set delay to 4 secs or something.

    Now use this query in Google:
    allinurl: site:

    This tends to put pages in popularity, you need to really enter blogs or forums though.

    Next step is change preferences in Google to show 100 results.

    Now SEO4 firefox will load all the PR of the pages - simply hit CTRL F, to bring up text search and type PR: 1,2,3,4,5 remembering the space.

    Although this can be lengthy I've managed to get do follow links on high ranking pages with little outbound links relevant to my subject matter.

    Next stage is to bookmark those pages, and sign up for the accounts and make whatever it takes number of posts to add sig link. Now you don't have to make a post relevant to the high ranked forum if you use the quote feature, you can make it sound natural by simply thanking that poster.