Capture sale to stop Network shaving

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by ronb107, Dec 15, 2008.

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    Dec 15, 2008
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    It is becoming more of a problem with Networks that they are shaving or dropping conversions to pocket the money. This means that the conversion data from the Networks is suspect, and if there is an independent way to capture the sale, then we can confront the Networks.

    Yes I know this sounds far fetched, but a friend just did a test with one Network using five friends to purchase a product thru his website. Thus five different IP addresses. Only three were registered by the Network; two were dropped. From conversations with other AMers, the experience is that 5% to 20% of drops occur, making it apparent that this is probably known to the Network.

    Besides trying to get a pixel or code-snippet included in the Thank You page (and ensuring that it stays there forever), is there a way to independently track the IP of the buyer to the Merchant's Thank You page? Perhaps thru the cookies?

    Think of how powerful this would be in determining that a sale was made. Of course, there are other considerations to ensure that we are entitled to the sale, but just the ability to track this would be a money saver.

    Any input is welcomed.

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    I can't track sales, since the actual sales page is on the aff company's server but I use free statcounter on all my landing pages which shows all my exit link activity that I can match up with my reported clicks on my aff company's stats page. When I start seeing a discrepancy, I do a click thru of all my aff links to determine which page they are shaving or turning the pixel off on. Then, when I find one that is not firing, I change the tracking code in my aff link. Seems to fix the problem until they try it again.
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    Contact your affiliate manager and see if they have a policy in place to get credit for any reversed offers as long as your provide them proof.

    It is what I do and I get some shaved offers credited.

    Edit: I do strictly white hat methods and my affiliate managers know this.