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    Hi All,

    Basically I have my main site (seo,hacking,security related) and various other sites. THis thread is made because one of these other sites im currently working on targets a keyword with low-medium competition and has over 800million searches a month (world wide).

    Now, Id say im High end intermediate when it comes to SEO so its not like im doing anything wrong with the site that im trying to rank.

    I have a site thats focused on this keyword (its an email program) and its optimized correctly allong with backlinks on my main site and a few other sites I own as well as the fact ive been building roughly 400 backlinks a day on strictly pr2+ sites.

    Now my issue is that the page isnt even in the first 4-5 pages.. since i began work on it where before that it never had the correct meta tags or onpage seo or anything and was on page 3...

    Anyway, I made an article about it on my main blog and that article is now sitting position 3 page one so clearly the keyword isnt that hard to rank for as my blog is not that special.

    If i keep up my constant linking etc each day do you think it will eventually rank?

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    The links that made your first page go past page 4 or 5 could have happened because you weren't linking consistently, or because you're experiencing a "google dance".

    If you linked heavily to your first page for a few weeks then totally stopped, you'll experience a severe google dance (serps jumping around), and it may not even recover. Whatever amount of backlinks you did to get the page disappeared, you have to continue with that same volume of links consistently until it reappears. Typically it'll come back stronger than ever, but may take up to two months. Its called link velocity, and it makes your backlinking appear more natural to Google.