can’t promote your facebook page? here is why!_part 3

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    part 3

    As we continue our tips about getting fans to your fanpage at facebook , this time we will talk about how to make the adequate configuration to the page before promoting it :

    ====>> the seo of facebook search depends mainly on the (info) you wrote on your page , also the title is important , try to illustrate what your page offer in details at the info and choose some famous keywords at it , but at the title , you can write simple slogan (contain words that you expect that people will search for it) + you can write your brand name before it eg;

    so, if anyone searched for (promote fanpage) at fb >> it will appear certainly !

    ====>> make a welcome landing page at your page , it is more attractive than normal wall , as wall may contain spammy posts,non-organized and non attractive info , but at the landing page , you can illustrate your service very well .

    don?t forget to ask the fan to like your page directly , don?t write any keywords or spammy words at it , also don?t put so much description , try simple phrases and request from the user to like your page to see more , you can use pagemodo site or make HTML page by yourself .

    ====>> try many html pages at your page , fans always trust page that have many useful external pages or apps !

    Now , you can start promoting your page to get fans , but how ??

    1- first way is to promote your page at other pages , use facebook as a page (from account above) , and start posting at other pages, but what you will post ?? spammy links for your page ? , certainly no , as you will then be blocked .

    What i mean is to post comments , normal comments at the posts of users at these pages , reply to them and don?t post your link.

    At large pages , many fans put posts (questions , suggestions , opinions,etc.. ) but no one reply to them !? that becomes your role now hero !

    first , as we said , use facebook as page , then like some large pages (that talk about the same service of your page, to get targeted fans) remember always to like pages that open their wall for fan posts , then start to comment to fan?s posts of these pages that already present , advice them , help them , talk with them , and as a result they will like you , click on your name and go to your page, they will like your page of course , Do you know why ?? , because you offer the same service that the other page do , also you are active and will reply to them when they need , and i think they don't need more!!!

    this way will provide you with targeted (you got them from pages from the same category of you) , active (they always make posts at which you reply) and lovely ! ( as they are happy , that you helped them) fans.

    And facebook wont block your profile or your page , as you make legal and helpful comments with no links !!

    In real , i tried it at my latest fanpage and got 10 fans from 10 minutes working at only one other page , so imagine if you have 5 admins at your page and every one work for 1 hour daily , you then will got 300 targeted fans daily .

    Remember to organize your time 70%-30% :

    30% to put new posts and content at your page

    and 70% to promote your page by the above way .

    In the next article , we may Talk about much useful ways , and about how to make your page posts appear highly up at your fans news feed , so wait for it .

    Good Luck
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    Great advice! Can't believe you haven't had more feedback... People just want stuff the easy and fast way! Like myself at first getting 10's of thousands of likes within a week then the next week my page gets banned and all that hard work for nothing!

    Good stuff my man!:cool: