Can't get a job? Can't make money? Enter.

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    Many people have been thinking about how difficult is making money now a days, basicly getting hired or getting a job. Well here is an alternative for you, this Job requires full time dedication w/o too much effort or brain needed. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to the world of "Begging".

    What is "Begging"?

    It is the act of sitting somewhere populated and asking people to donate their spare change or money.

    Why it is so popular?

    Because you do not require any additional experience or knowledge, just knowing some basic rules (explained below) you can raise a full family based on this job, and get up to 3x times the legal minimum wage (May vary depending on the country)

    What do I need to get started?

    Basicly not much, It depends on which strategy you will use.

    How do I get an strategy?

    Easy! Think of anything that might touch your heart deeply. A single mother? A homeless? An ill person? Sky is the limit! If you can't pick one, just copy someone else's strategy and spin it to your own flow. Once you pick an strategy, get everything you need and get started as soon as possible.

    Now I got everything, How do I finally get started?

    Just pick a spot and start begging, watch out for other hobos that might try to steal your spot, just punch them and they will leave. If you pick a really saturated spot, take into account that hobos might have organized into a group, just try to follow the rules or go somewhere else. Remember that semaphores are good spots, but might be saturated.

    Let's talk about the moniezz

    Ok, In most countries the average wage of a homeless is calculated in a "per hour" basis and might vary depending on the spot you choose. Try to find the highest paying spot near your area by experimenting. Also if you find a great spot, prevent other from taking it. Take into account the time, traffic trends, etc.

    But I don't see any "career oportunity" in begging!

    What? Of course there is one! If you make your own Begging Company, you can outsource most of the work and massificate your begging. Think of this, you could make an "x" amount begging in a corner, but what if you outsource the begging to 4 people in exchange of a 50% commision, then you are earning 2x just managing the 4 workers. You could also join an existing Begging Company and get things even easier! You can get routes, sweet spots, best hours, etc and earn in a "per comission" basis! Also countless benefits like protection from other hobos, free rags or material, and much more!

    What are you waiting for? Get Started!!

    PD: This is a joke and must not be taken seriously. Anything written in this post is purely fictional and must not be taken into account. If you want money, work for it. No one hires you? Be your own boss and take action.
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    It may be a joke and "purely fictional," but in reality there is a lot of this going on. :)
    Speaking from my experience there are TONS of begging "companies" in tourist areas.
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    I saw a dude in rags outside a supermarket in Spain panhandling.

    Then one evening days later two blocks from the supermart. I watched him change his rags to designer jeans and T-shirt then he drove off in brand new Merc!
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    My sign would say:

    "I bet you $100 you just read this sign"
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    indeed..i think there is even a documentary about a guy that purchased a benz with begging profits.
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    Begging can be profitable in the right area with the right backstory
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    why dont u ask 5000 people to buy lottery at the same time maybe u can hit the jackpot n split the
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    There's a guy in my area, where live resonably well off people and lots of tourists. I see him once or twice a month on the streets. He's smearing a ketchup on his face and clothes, and approach bypassers with very sneaky tale, that he was just attacked and robbed by someone.

    People get startled first, then they start turning heads around to secure themselves from imaginery attacker. Then they listen to to his story and reach their wallets for cash.

    He tried to approach me once but I just laughed at him and he quickly turned to to another bypasser.
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