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1.) what if we have any doubts or issues? Can you give support?
2.) Is these things will apply for Google ads too?
Yes, you can use these, but they are not specifically for google ads.
3.) Any guide for content creation?

PM Sent;)

I haven't got the code
Yesterday I bought the book. As I am in the IM for the last 15 years I can say I learned new things. Detailed guide with screenshots and made noobie-friendly.
I have read the ebook, methods are veryyy cool. The ebook comes at a very low price I definitely recommend it to everyone!
Overall rating: 10/10 !
Here is my review after using the ebook and I would say that even I am aware of some of the methods, there are various new interesting and result oriented methods clearly explained by @RealDaddy in easy to read language.

You get much more than what you pay for the book. If you're looking for a gem in BHW, this is the one of them for sure!

@RealDaddy - Please count me in for any future release of this book :)
Hi !
Is this guide for a specific tool only (like ahrefs) or it can be done with other tools like moz and semrush?
Any more review copies?

The only part I've never learnt in SEO is niche research, so would be cool since your book includes it, I'm fluent in keyword research though so would be able to provide an in-depth review.

No worries if there are no review copies left.
Have finished reading the ebook. Definitely worth the price and personally I picked up new thing from this ebook .

It’s easy to read , step by step instruction with screenshots as well.
I bought this ebook a few days ago and the only reason why I bought it was because I needed something to guide me in the process of finding low keywords I can try to rank for. I am a total noob when it comes to SEO so I didn't even know how to do some basic keyword research. This ebook totally spoon-feed me the techniques used to find them. It does use ahref, which also explains how you can get an account with them.

One thing I like was that since my website is related to an actual business, I am always looking for ways to find what my customers are asking google. A few ways of going about this are also included. In all, this is a total need to buy list for those getting started with their website and are looking to rank keywords that are easy to find and you will not have any problems ranking. However, don't expect this technique to work if your website is totally new.

I will be having this guide up whenever I am writing a new post on my website, and it's a great reference guide. Since I forget easily :) Love it, and thanks for a very detailed guide for the noobs :)
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