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    I am looking for a responsive html template. by responsive, I mean it should adjust itself if the user is on a mobile device. The reason I want to do this is recently I have noticed something in my analytics for one of my sites, people who are on a mobile device leave the site within 5 seconds of entering it, because it looks like shit on mobile devices.

    I have come across these 2 that I like:

    which one should I pick? I am not too worried about the way they look, because looks are subjective and something that looks nice to me may look ugly to you. I am wondering if someone who is familiar with web design and coding could take a look at the page source and tell me which one was coded better? do you see any reason someone should not use either one? any technical issues?
    by the way, another question I had is which part of the code makes the website adjust itself depending on what device the user is on? I can't find it.
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