Can't believe i do make my first money online :D

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Byzance, May 6, 2017.

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    Mar 29, 2017
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    Please Note : im not so good @english

    so this is my first thread so far,yeah like i say i have make money online for the first guys must be remember the feeling right? ;) ,so basicly what i do?

    i do what my people say "claiming" and what is claiming?
    so basicly we claim captcha ( i bet most of you guys know this method ),and our leader gonna pay us with BTC,but the problem is the rate of BTC/claim is drop really hard :(, when fisrt sign up i got about 120sathosi/claim,but nowdays only 30 sathosi/claim.

    and i think its not worth anymore/not legit anymore.maybe for you guys it sound a cocky,but maybe you guys have another method for making money online.

    and when i got to BHW i say "WOW" theres a lot of you guys making money online so damn good,but i know you guys also put efford and your time for that.

    yeah i know there's ton alot of thread already discuss about making money,but the real problem is I tottally newbie with what you guys discus/making money online and also i see many of this method only can work in UK/US.

    Yeah so that what i wanna write about

    FYI:i make about 0.09 BTC @GOOD rate by 1 month and in my country its pretty much money :D in my country