Canonical URLs and split testing LPs?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by schleprock, Oct 26, 2016.

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    I want to duplicate a post on my blog and SEO it for a different version of a KW. This is for Bing. They are pretty primitive in their KW recognition. For instance, using "quit" instead of "stop" can hurt your quality scores when matching KWs > Ads > LP content.
    So I thought I would make a nearly identical page tailored for each KW. If I use the canonical tag in my head will I be OK?
    Because I have created 6 LPs already and they are all centered around these 2 KW phrases that contain "stop" and "quit".

    Second question:
    How do you split test landing pages on Google or Bing if they need to see the final URL for every LP. Do you only test one landing page at a time? Or can you actually rotate them.
    How do I keep my KW bids from competing with each other if I can rotate them?
    If they all have a distinct URL slug that should be OK, but how can you test them all at the same time?

    In Bing I only have about 4 KW phrases that bring nearly all the traffic. So I can't just use a bunch of different long tail KWs.

    I used the word primitive above. Maybe they are not more primitive. Maybe they are just more direct with their results.

    And thanks for considering this question