Cannot make myself do what need to do

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    I don't know if anyone has this problem, I'm stucking for so long with this problem, I cannot make myself do what need to do, even I know that is the good things and If I do that I can make my life better. For example, I know that wake up and exercise in the morning is good, I know that I should finish what I'm doing in today, I know that if I eat more fruits it will help my life better, but when thing come, I cannot make myself to do what I suppose to do, I lay on bed, do some stupid things to kill time and then I forget what I need to do. I don't know what happen to me
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    If only humans ran of logic, instead of a constant need for reward. Unfortunately Mr Pavlov was right and conditioning is the only way to form consistent behaviour. Fortunately, our body rewards us for doing good things and conditions us to keep doing those things.

    Exercise for example releases endorphins, rewarding your brand. After a while you will become addicted to the endorphins because your body has realised that exercising is the direct cause of the reward.

    getting phat cheques in the mail is similar, you see your phat cheque and you get a rush of endorphins. Your mind will eventually make the correlation between phat cheques and a reward. The path that leads you towards the phat cheques will become addictive and you'll crave it constantly.
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    Take a break from what your doing now.
    You need to relax, Stop thinking about what you should be doing.
    and do the things you want to do

    After a while, you will get your head straight and start doing the things you need to do.
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