Canadians - Paypal For EMT - Make a Quick $30 and help someone out of a tight spot

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by trybexus, Sep 21, 2013.

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    Hi Guys,

    Having a rough go at it these last few days.

    I have some paypal cash in my account but it takes 5 - 7 buisness days to get it out into a Canadian bank account.

    I have $155, am looking to trade that for $120 (profit of $35) via an email money transfer.

    I can give you something for collateral (software passwords/subscription info for Xrumer/Senuke etc etc), and we can sort it out so that you send the EMT, when it arrives (30 minutes later) ill send the paypal cash and once you get it and are happy you can send me the password for the EMT.

    I am not trying to screw with any one I just need a hand out of a rough spot.

    If this is something you might be willing to do, send me a PM, or better yet add me to Skype (trybexus31337) and we can talk about it.

    Thanks, :)
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    Why didn't you told me bro you have issues with PP ? I would have used a different payment method which would have been faster to cash out. Where are you ? Can't reach you for the past week.