Can you tell what network a person uses and their ID through one of their affiliate links?

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    So someone keeps scamming users on a site by making them sign up for crappy dating offers. They keep getting reported, but also keep finding ways to make new accounts. Now I get black hat methods and all that... I do some myself, but this is flat out wrong. It is one thing to break the rules and pay people to sign up for dating sites, but another to break the rules and then scam the person you promised to pay continuity. Sometimes it only really takes a few bad apples to ruin the bunch.

    I personally have not been scammed, but it is very annoying logging in every morning to see their crap on the list of jobs to do.

    I'm going to post the broken up string of the two links, leaving out the connected URLs just in case that is against the rules here. If anyone has some insight, I would really appreciate it!

    First link from person 1 is a redirect to I guess not allow company to see that it is illegal traffic. Final landing page is

    freescore360(.com) /us/6019/3320ffb/z420/077/lp/077-45aa/?sid=AFFM1155&id=2290&ord=1&append=1&edata=10874&c=MjI5MCAxNjQ1Nzk4NDMgMTcgNjAgMQ%3d%3d.

    Second link from person (2?) is also a redirect to
    dream-marriage(.com) /members/new/page1_seo.php?cm355=2938&sub=116372288