Can you take a look at my friends site and give some feedback?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by The illustrator, May 15, 2013.

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    Hey there,

    I was wondering if anybody would be kind enough to take a few minutes and look at my friends site and give any possible feedback as to little things that she can do personally to help improve the ranking of her site. Keep in mind, she is a totally ignorant to SEO. She understands the importance of building backlinks and I am working on this with her, but what on site techniques would you recommend? Here's her site:
    Its a pop culture site. You'll probably get a good laugh out of some her posts, shes quite hilarious.

    Thanks, anything will help!
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    I've just checked her site on and it appears she doesn't have any set keywords, also a website description is missing, maybe sort this out before she attempts to rank for various keywords.

    If she is running on WordPress a good plugin to have would be All In One SEO

    Also I would replace the 'Follow @KateCasey on Twitter' with a twitter widget :) and her AdSense ad would look better with a skyscraper ad instead of a box.
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    The illustrator,

    I'm not sure what keywords she is trying to rank for but it appears that (of the posts I looked at) they don't appear to be targeting any specific keywords. Keep in mind that not every post needs to target a keyword but if she wants some of her posts to be showing up in search, she should think about phrases that people are searching for that she could incorporate into her content.

    The structure of her posts and URLs also do not lend themselves well to SEO. There weren't any headers and the URL's didn't appear to be SEF friendly (again of the ones I looked at). Also, there are some things that she could do to make her posts more readable. This isn't necessarily an SEO thing but a usability thing and can contribute to better rankings because if people find her site easy to use and read, they will share her content which will help her rankings.

    She can learn some more tips here,


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    1) Needs a cleaner theme (WooThemes, ThemeForest, etc)

    2) Needs more content on the side (recent posts, comments, categories, etc)

    3) Needs better Adsense layout (integrate in between posts)

    Other than that...brillant site! I love it, and I'm going to start following it. Your friend is an amazing writer (from one writer to another).
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    Content is thin. It's a little too much about her, her, her. And when it's about her, her, her, no one really get's the article about Parris Hilton and schmim schmardasian. The exist only to frame this self-described as stunning portrait of her, her, her.

    Which I guess if fine. Then let's see her. And I mean everything. See a site the focuses just on the site's owner/creator has to offer something worth paying attention to. So let's see some titties. And if she don't want to get down like dat, den she gon' havta find sumpin' else to write about. I can read any high school girls facebook to find out she's "hitched", has 2 kids and her idea of happiness is reading Vanity Fair while suntanning on the beach.

    Uh huh. Wow that's exciting. Does the carpet match the drapes? That's where I, and everyone else goes. It's like she wrote her own Playboy Playmate of the Month Bio, with the exception of "turn-ons/turn-offs" and of course, da tittehs. She gotta make up her mind.

    How'd she get to PR2 ennywayz? Oh yeah, and more Google+ connections and reviews. And more tweets. And a better facebook. And better photos of movie stars, etc... or at least some tittehs. (I just made that up, and am quite proud. You know, da Kitteh? Now I has cheezburgers for da Tittehs.