Can you submit a lead in an Frame?


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May 20, 2007
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I have been thinking of setting up a system where lead information is collected in one site, which I would control, then submitted to an Advertisers Page (like an e-mail submit/zip submit). Then direct cheap traffic to my landing page and use a Frame to submit leads collected but I've heard that IE7 does not allow placing cookies from within a frame and that some advertisers have Frame detection and those leads won't track..

If you have any insight please let me know.

yeah it doesn't work, i got banned from 3 differen't affiliates don't do it~
@blackhat: why did you get banned? where they bad leads or something?
referral page leaked out i used that cakeslice program, not worth it at all
The refferal page would be legit in the project I'm running. I'm just having trouble with the tracking system.
i wouldn't use that cakeslice it showed the referral page and got banned
CakeSlice if so iFrame, i'm just asking if you can plant cookies using frame. Like the top frame would be the offer page that the lead is submitted to.
i'm pretty sure someone before said you are allowed not to put cookie sessions in a frame, BUT i may be wrong.:cow_yello
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