Can you share via pm some keyword that you don't have time to do?


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Nov 3, 2009
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Can you share via PM some high research keyword for make amazon micro niche site that you don't have time to do the site?
I have a couple .com domains with the keyword in the domain that I haven't even started building yet that I bought like 6 months ago. Low competition (under 1M) and decent number of searches per month. I'll sell you the domain and my keyword list for $10k each. Or both for $18k. Why so expensive? 1) because they are awesome domain names and 2) because when I eventually get them set up they are going to be life long sources of income for me (I will only pay hosting) so they have an extremely high future value.

edit - I just remembered I have a 3rd domain that I bought over a year ago that I still haven't set up. Estimated adsense clicks based on Google's Adwords tool for that one are $3-8 per click.

All 3 for $25k.
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