Can you re-use your web 2.0 tiers?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by KeijoKala, Jan 4, 2012.

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    Ok, lets say I have around 20 web 2.0 blogs for my project A, and all of them are indexed.

    Can there be any harm, if I start new project in same/similar niche and post new post to those blogs - pointing to my project B domain?

    These tiers havent been spammed to death.
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    I wouldn't forsee any kind of long term impact, but I would consider the velocity of your linkbuilding in project A, vs. the velocity in Project B now that your network is complete.

    For instance, if it took you 5 weeks to code out those 20 sites and link them up to your Project A domain that's a fairly "slow" velocity of links being built, and something Big-G probably wouldn't look down upon.

    But in project B you might set up all these sites with new posts pointing to your site in a matter of a few hours which could possibly raise some eyebrows, but with only 20 sites it's not too much.

    Since the sites are relevant to both projects (and hopefully using some well written unique content) I think you're ok!

    To play it safe I would personally spread out those posts/links from the 20 blogs over a course of a few weeks, but I am fairly notorious around my office for being very paranoid when it comes to linkbuilding directly to money sites.
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