Can you merge large page into small page

ste rathb

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Mar 1, 2015
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Can you merge large page into small page

If you have 100k page can you merge into another page with 10k likes.

If the names are the same can you merge big page into small page so that the small page gets all the new likes and the big page is deleted.

Anyone done this?

Thank you

Why does it matter if the pages have the same name?

Or one of those pages is banned?
You can do it on Facebook legally but if there is any misinformation in your both pages,you pages can be unpublished.So make it sure you have same info on both pages.I would let it go because nobody wants to take risk of losing 100k likes just for 10k likes :)
It matters because a new page is fresh page with no red flags on video picture or link posts. Like a clean page to scale up.
I believe this is possible since they both have the same name and you are the admin of both pages. You can actually Google on how to do that. Just be careful about merging those two and check if both have the same information.

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