Can You Help Me Get My Site Indexed Correctly Again?

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    Hey guys,

    Thanks a million for reading this thread. I've had more legit help in this forum than ANY other forum and I truly appreciate it.

    I've had a problem for about 6-7 months with my main authority site. It is around 130 posts/pages deep with quality, long content and was loved by Google for a very long time. Even though I didn't build backlinks to it for a while.

    For the past 2-3 years it had stable traffic of around 600-1000 unique visitors a day for fairly tough keywords in an evergreen niche. Then 6-7 months ago it all fell off the face of the earth (10-80 visitors a day and most probably not from Google). My site survived Panda but I don't think it survived Panda 2.0 or Penguin...But a part of me tells me that it may not have anything to even do with algorithm changes.

    For some reason Google's indexing of my site has changed and become very, very strange. For example, about 2-3 years ago I converted my site from html to Wordpress. The change went well and in my hosting account for this website, I left the old folder in there too (so if you can imagine the structure of the old pages have a url now of and this was fine. Google wasn't even picking these up. It was just picking up my new wordpress pages.

    Now that I've lost all of my first page rankings and traffic I tried to do some detective work. I type my main url into Google and the site is still indexed..however, the interesting thing is that all of my sites main pages are not showing up in the engine. (I.E. BUT the only things that are showing are my old website pages and "tag" pages?? (I.E. +

    Does this seem like a penalty to you? Or do I need to do something simple like re-structure the sitemap and re-submit? I'm all out of ideas! Here is the sites history, there may be clues here :-

    Theme Change :

    I actually think this could be the culprit. Although I lost rankings before, they would always re-shuffle and come back to a similar place. They just never came back since I swapped themes. It could be that the theme changed the structure of links? Or some settings I need to play with in the theme? It is the MORNING theme by WPZOOM.


    Manual Blog Comments
    Semi Manual Directory Submissions
    High PR Blog Comments
    Article Submissions (manual)
    Semi-Manual Social Bookmarks


    Automatic Article Submissions
    Xrumer and Scrapebox Blasts direct to main site (This was in the early days of these services and I didn't see any negative effects at all even for years after)
    Posts on Blog Networks (at the time wasn't considered blackhat by Google)
    High PR Homepage posts (most recent links bought)

    The mistake I made with backlinking is that 75-90% of my links all had the anchor text as my main keyword. (Google only just started penalizing this though)

    So there you have it - A full history of my site. Sorry for the long post and if you've made it this far, you are one of a kind! Thanks a bunch for your help in advance.

    Best wishes to all.