Can you have too many affiliate programs?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by Matt88, Jul 28, 2013.

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    So, i was changing the ads on my website, looking for more specific niche related ads..
    I noticed how many websites offer an affiliate program(AP).
    I don't understand why a lot of people here on BHW ask for AP, because if you just take a look at the first 10 big websites in your niche, you're bound to find at least 3-4 websites that offer an AP.

    Anyway.. some of them really look interesting.
    For example: I came across some websites that offer an AP where you can not only use their banners and links, but also some of their content.
    Most of you probably realise by now what kind of niche i'm talking about.
    Anyway.. sounds pretty good to me.
    Signup, get some free galleries and have a heap load of extra content for my website.

    Is there a catch to this? Can you have too many AP running at one time?
    I see gallery websites with pictures and reccomendations going to dozens of websites.
    Okay, maybe most of those websites are owned by themselves, but that still leaves dozens and dozens of other websites.

    It just got me thinking today.. so many opportunities for some good content(at least a lot of pictures).. or will it just be too much?
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    no catch at all, as long as you use galleries for their sites only

    I have 300+ active affiliate accounts + ccbill with more than 1000 sites
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