can you give little direction to fix this campaign...

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    hello friend,

    first of all thanks to view this thread and took first step to give helping hand to a newbie like me who really need little direction to get going...

    so without wasting your time here is details where i need help

    I am new to cpa marketing so get going i have select 1 traffic source and 1 debt management offer for uk country.

    this campaign was keyword based campaign where i was paying 0.25 cents for per keyword basis here i have near 800 keywords but only 20-50 keywords are getting traffic...

    here is summary for this campaign
    so far

    1,989 clicks and
    $178.89 cost ..... no conversion

    after analysing data i came to know that most of traffic coming from non relavant keywords so it seems advertising network is just misleading with data it seems they are sending ron traffic but charging for keyword base campaign

    so i was little stuck here, as i cant see any conversion so i cant block publishers or network as i dont know which one is quality traffic

    Here are few of my questions

    1. how long should i run this campaign without getting conversion
    2. how to filter quality traffic until i dont see conversion
    3. should i reduce my bid, in that case it will take too much time to collect data how to handle this as i cant wait for 2-3 months just to collect data, is there any solution for this ?

    apart from this campaign i gave try to ron traffic as well, with same traffic source i started premium ron traffic, which cost me
    $155.11 for
    16,500 clicks...this time i was testing a speed dating campaign

    here i have found most of ron traffic is random search traffic which nothing to do with dating...

    so my question is , could you please advice me any product or cpa offer which could work with this kind of traffic...

    i mean i dont need any exact product name i just need general advice like what kind of offers convert with ron traffic..? i know i need to put my mind to find unique angel and pick up my offers
    but i just need little bit direction so i could get going...

    your little advice could give me help to get going....

    Thanks for your time.