Can you do duplicate blogs every day ?

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    Hi to all good evening.

    There is no clients online so just a little technical question :D
    I have read there

    like you can see
    Originally Posted by Jagged55
    You can rank #1 on Google with duplicate just depends on your niche and your keywords really. PR1 = google page rank of 1

    I agree. Just got good rankings for a blog built entirely with duplicate content. Use on page and off page SEO (link building, etc.) and you can make it despite duplicate content."

    and other one

    [​IMG] Re: Duplicated Content Websites - is it a waste of time?
    I have sites/splogs pulling down 600+ visits a day or more (after 4.5 months) with 100% dup content. All I did the first 2 months was post 2-3 messages using CC and replies (1-2) and waited until google picket it up. Then weekly I increased the dup content 5 fold and then hit youtube videos hard and these splogs now grow at 12-20% a month. I also linkjuiced the shit out of them and SEO hosted each splog.

    Then I opened several accounts with blogger and twitter (using the same content) then copied the (via a widget) dup splog content to blogger and Twitter as feeder pages with links and banners going to other splogs.

    A real circle-jerk going on. In 5 months I was able to generate 3.5k a day off 5 splogs. Now I just purchased 40 domains and want to see where this goes..

    But ant to know it works with duplicated-content-blogs. I magine you make some blogs a day (exemple 5) and the day after you send them again in new blog account change only the tilte name of the blog :)

    Is it a good way to get traffic or you can be in a bad way losing your time because duplicated :confused:

    Thanks enjoy your day