Can You be Penalised for Scraping Reults from Google?

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    Can You be Penalised for Scraping Reults from Google?

    After typing that te answer seems obvious but I am not sure... Let me quickly explain.

    When we first launched our site 10 months ago we immediately got some really nice high rankings for local terms in our vertical.

    However a load of them have dropped way below what I can reasonably explain and yet just few round a particular niche just sit locked in at No.1.

    We provide a tool on our site that allows users to monitor their rankings for serch terms. The tool did originally use the google api but we found it unreliable then google stopped supporting it. So we started simply scraping the results. Not in any massive volume I may add. Maybe 100 words a day at present.

    The search terms we have low results for are particularly competitive locally but our listing have fallen way below many sites that aren't even trying. Yet we are still No.1 for a few other terms.

    The introduction of this ranking tool is the only thing I can think of that changed massively.

    Any insights from those with experience would really be appreciated.

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