Can we working together with Facebook ads

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    Hi, my name is Hery Sanjaya, I'm fulltime internet marketer for 4 years now

    Right now, I want to work together with friends that have account Facebook with their CC or paypal or maybe you already have FB ads but you're not use it

    If you ask me why don't you use your own cards and your own FB acc, well I already tried for months, but now it's error for unknown reasons from FB

    If you interested working together, then all you have to do is out your CC details/Payal details on Facebook advertising then you put me as your sub admin so I can manage the ads from my side, but I can't access your payment details or your Facebook personal profile.

    Example :
    I spend $150 daily, then you will get 10% from my budget as your fee.
    a month $150 x 30 = $4500 then you will earn $450 PASSIVE INCOME by doing nothing, only rent me your FB acc to make ads

    If you serious, it's okay I pay first/advanced.... so you zero risk to lose, the risk all on my shoulder but I need serious people only

    Give me PM if you interested :)

    or add my skype nvm_jpn or yahoo messenger [email protected]


    PS : if you have more than 1 account, I will be more happy to serve you