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Can we start a domain marketing section?

Discussion in 'Forum Suggestions & Feedback' started by kase, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. kase

    kase Regular Member

    Nov 14, 2007
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    ok, so i have taking talking to quite a few members here on the forum and they are Really educating me on domain marketing! I have been thinking(STILL HAVE ALOT TO LEARN!!!)... I know i'm a noob and all But i really think this and will be a good idea for both the advanced domainers and the "Noobs". Why join another forums that talk strictly about domain marketing, and most of the Forums i been on aren't really active!

    So why not put up a Domain marketing section where we could learn from both a advanced domainer and a Noob? I know there a few people here on here that wouldn't mind taken up a mod position,As i would like to elect myself for the Domain Nooberator :)

    and.... another suggestion is we start and run our own domain registration,parking website. why work with other companies such as sedo,godaddy,1and1.com when what ever marketing we do could get our domains, or even accounts banned...

    Social networking and domaing, this could be an evolutionary idea... that could be the so called great money making idea.
    Similiar to myspace.com,Sedo.com, members will be allowed to use there registered domains on their webpage, Allowing there domains to park and earn money using the same technique as sedo uses. we can put up advertisement and so much more this idea i believe could earn alot of money....

    And by using the same Formats such as myspace and sedo... and maybe even yuwie.com put all this together and Wa-La! Theirs a good idea.... I know it is but what you think?
    I'm just the idea guy i have no knowlege on how to build websites,coding ect ect....

    I was thinking if this could be done we can use the domain iGuap.com that i registered.....

  2. battman323

    battman323 Regular Member

    Aug 10, 2007
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    None of your damn business
    I don't think a new section dedicated exclusively to this subject is necessary. We already have a lot of sections here, so many that it's tough to keep up with all the threads.

    The occasional thread seems enough to me, but that's just one opinion, MINE.
  3. Diamond Damien

    Diamond Damien Owner BlackHatWorld Staff Member Jr. VIP Premium Member UnGagged Attendee

    Oct 27, 2005
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    BHW - of course.
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    Thanks for your suggestion, I will think about adding a domain sub section on BHW. I recently launched a Domain Forum with an aim at social networking and connecting domainers up with other domainers. Right now it's just a forum...I am waiting for vbulletin 3.7 to go Gold before adding any more features. :)