Can we really make money in yahoo! answers ?


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Dec 9, 2008
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Whats up guys ,
recntly i heard a lot of people say that there is money to be made in yahoo answer IF YOU DO IT THE RIGHT WAY and actually im thinking about start builging my name there and by the time start postion my affiliate links in the answers , i know that it's a kind of long term staff but i think it may work ... i get the idea from the quick money making blueprint in the Mavrick money makers membership sit that you can acces from here :

so any ideas guys ... need help !!
When posting answers create a domain that redirects to the affiliate page (if allowed) or create a landing page I think they just delete aff links, not sure because I haven't used the method.

What idea do you need?
You find a product you want to sell and then answer as best as you can and add link.
be sure to use different accounts on different IPs. Your competitors will report you if they see the same account on all the posts of a topic.
Yahoo answers can generate traffic. What you do with it is up to you.

I've heard of people who make a blog just to sell a certain ebook, then link to a relevant article in their blog as a reference when they answer. This should get some eyes on your article. Not only that, but the visitors are looking for a solution to a problem, so they already have an interest in the product that you're promoting, so they're more likely to buy said product than a random visitor.

Just my take on it.
Do you think it would generate alot of traffic if you made your own questions with one account, then used another account to answer than question with your affiliate link, then chose that answer as the 'best answer' ?

Or do you think you would be better off just answering other peoples' questions?
hmm its just so hard to do lol. When I see a new question and make my answer theres immediately like 10 1 sentence answers lol. How am I supposed to compete with a shitload of answers before mine?

One thing I dont get: when I always find a link to an old yahoo answer, theres only like 3-5 answers tops. Now when I try to answer new questions theres like 10 answers in 1 minute. How?
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P.S. Do your answers usually get a shitload of thumbs down if you are promoting something? Any tips on this?
Yahoo Answers delivery Traffic

Traffic => Money

So...Yahoo Answers => Money!
Sure you can earn with Yahoo Answers.
Just too much work for some people.
If you find a way to automate at least some of the tasks then you are settled.
You can direct make money online with yahoo answer.. here are the tips

try to ask people to give "donation". tell them that you want to save the earth from the alien. give them your source link with a page full with paypal donation button. :)
You can but not as much as other better places like squidoo and other places

YA is good if you know how to use it and if you are in the right niche, but an interesting thing I have noticed that what works for one niche doesn't work for other, unless you use that yahoo program that answers your answers with multiple accounts.
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