can we have a 'reviews' section please?

Discussion in 'Forum Suggestions & Feedback' started by tonlilaz, Feb 1, 2009.

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    Deleting crappy threads on BHW, making good use of
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    i dunno...makes a bit of sense...

    we can use this board to do reviews of software, tools, scripts, methods, that are sold or downloaded. not really a shit list...i mean reviews can be good or bad. Also, we can make it so people can't just open up a thread just to slander/slam a member ....we can also make it so that people can't just open a thread to say how wonderful a product is (to gangbang)...because while i think such a thread could be advantagous to the community, i'm aware it has potential for abuse of such an a$$hole with a bad attitude....

    but on the positive side, i think a reviews section could be a real help. it doesn't have to be for products sold on this can be for any blackhat, greyhat, or whitehat tool on the net you want to review

    like i said, it's just an idea :D
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    We'll consider the reviews section, though I think that could end up being another shit list, only for rival's products.

    As for not allowing people to slander in the shit list, it's been a rule for 2+ weeks now - check the stickies.