Can someone verify 1000 ads for google maps

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    Jul 8, 2009
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    I need someone to verify my local business listings. 1000 addresses to start.

    I have no way of doing this my self do to the phone/post card verification method used. The only way I know is to have a phone line for each seperate location, since google needs to see them as different locations. This method would to pricy I assume. I may only need temporary numbers since google allows for mor than one number.

    I know this is possible because all of my comptition is doing it now. I went with a company who told me they could do this...they shut down my business for over 4 months.

    I am in a very competitive field, so if this works, there will be an opportunity for a long term business relationship since we will need ongoing seo to stay in the top 10.

    Thanks in advance