Can someone reccommend me a dropshipper?


Dec 12, 2008
I would just like to hear some peoples experiences with certain drop shipping companies, so that I can make a good decision on picking one.
dave - i too am in search of some quality dropshippers...

sucks to ask, bc i dont want to disclose the item i want to sell....
there is very little mark up on video games, you are unlikely to make more than 10 or 20 bucks per sale even if you did find someone who drop shipped.
As previously stated dropshipping electronics is a tough business...there simply isn't enough of a markup to make it worthwhile. In my humble opinion you need to decide on your product line a little differently. Just because an item is cool, or in demand doesn't mean you can make money off selling it. Instead, I think its actually smarter to sell an niche item, with demand, and not much competition. Before you say thats not possible, trust me it is. You just have to think of things way outside the norm of electronics, videos games, etc.

To answer your specific question, forget about finding a good dropshipping company and focus instead on finding a profitable niche. You do this by finding products that are in demand, with little competition as stated above. THEN AND ONLY THEN, you look for a dropshipper of some quality, reputation, and price. If you can tell me you can profit $1000 a day selling video games, then I will point you in the right direction for a good dropshipper. However, I'm pretty sure if your honest with yourself you can't make that much. If thats the case, then find the market niche, correct product, THE the correct dropshipper.

Hope this helps you/someone/anyone who is considering a dropshipping business.
How about maternity i have been looking for a dropshipper or wholesaler and just can't seem to find what i am looking for i really like the tattoo tees
This is one of the biggest wholesaler and dropshipper in China.


I do not claim to have any experience with this company. I happen to come across this piece of news today

I've always dropshipped products from DHGate (, have never had any problems, just look for members with reputable feedback, like on eBay. You almost can't go wrong since DHGate only sends money to the seller after you've indicated that the item(s) has/are arrived, so there's no point for the sellers to scam you.
I recommend sticking with a company in your country. i do not recommend doing customs overeas, i have had some bad experiences with customs and it will make you lose cash.
the prices on DHgate are too high, by the time you buy something on there, it wont make you much profit when you sell, coz you will find that same price you get on DHgate on ebay, there goes your profit. Just my lil search though, i might be totally wrong
I see dhgate also sell thing like ebaY...
Where the thing are from members...

My perception about dropshipping is, the website is own by one company, a factory.
We buy and they drop it for us. Correct me if I'm wrong though...
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