Can someone please help me with my WP theme? I cannot get images to display on site


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Jul 29, 2010
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Hi guys,

I bought a pretty cool and professional looking theme a couple of days ago. I am fairly new to Wordpress, so I have been using my spare time to get a 'mock up' site going of my main idea that I will be trying to use to make some money online.

Anyway, I have set up the website and I have learned how to edit the theme to basically put in anything/everything that I want to put in.

However, on the home page of the theme is a big, empty white space. This is where there is meant to be a 'slider image', and I can upload several of these 'slider images' and they automatically rotate around. I am sure you have seen sites like these.

Anyways, so I upload the files to my host and so on, but I just cannot get the images to appear? I really don't know what else to do. I have tried to change around a whole lot of permissions to see if I can get the images to display, but nothing has been working.

If anyone can help me out, I would be happy to 'share' the theme that I bought with you. It cost $40.00 but I think a lot of you will think it looks quite professional.

To take a brief look at my mock up website, go to

dentistinmelbourne . n3t . au

(sorry, I don't want to put direct link so google doesn't pick it up)
Without knowing exactly, I suspect that this is a "featured posts" area of the site.

The theme is probably designed for you to have a featured image on each post. You probably also have to set a "featured category" somewhere in the theme.

What then happens is the featured image will appear at the top of every post, a smaller version will appear above each post on the home page, and the featured images of all posts in your featured category will scroll through this section at the top.

Since you have no images at all and no featured category, it looks as it does.

If you don't want this type of functionality, you will either need to change themes or start playing around in the code to code this section out (which I suspect you may not be up to).

Hope this helps
Hi guys,

The slider must be 'activated' in a sense in my theme, which I have done. And them there is a form for me to upload an 'image' which I have done, and the image is uploaded successfully because I can see it in my list of files in my host, but it is just not displaying.

I have tried to contact the guy who sold me the theme but his replies are crap and not frequent. He said something about "changing the permissions" and I have tried this. A link to his help is here:

My name is "Krzys" on there and he has told me to do a few things, I have done most of them.

Autosum, I don't have Yahoo, I have MSN - iS that okay?
Isnt there a readme.txt? Normally there is one and it shows you how you can change and configurate everything of the template. There should be a specific folder for the pictures, u want to show in the slider.

best regards
Well, the theme comes with plugins that are a part of it. And basically, activating the slider and the slider images are all uploaded via the themes included plugins, rather than manually into a 'slider' directory. But I might snoop around and see if i Can find this directory.

Also, his readme manual is not so helpful for the slider :(
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