Can someone explain to me the best way to have multiple accounts and using proxies?

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by mbomb23, Feb 8, 2014.

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    I used to create a new account for every new product offering, but back in September, a vid that was making me about $1500/month was flagged and taken down. That kind of discouraged me and I haven't put up a new vid since that time. No idea why it's taken so long, other than the act that I keep subconciously figuring to myself that youtube will prob end up linking my accounts and taking down my other vids(even though they are legit).

    I have several accounts promoting single vids, but I never did anything special to hide my ip when those were put up and I regularly log in and out o those accounts with my home ip. I have about 20 new vids that I want to put up. I was thinking that I might put these all on a single account, but the strategy that worked for me in the past was having multiple accounts, and I feel a bit more diversified that way.

    Pardon the rambling, but how do I use proxies to protect myself should youtube have it out for my ip? Do I even need to do that? Thanks.