can someone explain how he cloaked this

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    go to and if you scroll over the link that says Click Here for your free trial it says but if you click the link it redirects to an affiliate ad. If you just type in it says the site is under construction. Trying to figure out what technique this guy is using.
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    (S)he is probably using a simple referer filter in order to ensure you came from the proper page before redirecting you.

    The actual redirect works as follows:
    1. The page is an iFrame wrapping a domain page
    2. Clicking that link in the framed view takes the frame to another page on
    3. The 302 redirects to another domain page
    4. The domain 301 redirects to a domain page
    5. This then loads a different in a frame
    6. This 301 redirects to a domain page
    7. This then redirects to the final page internally to strip tracking string info on their own server.

    The actual content you see after clicking the link is here:

    This whole process completely leaks their original referer ( to the affiliate page. No idea what the heck they are trying to accomplish, but it appears to me that they're failing hard. They're not even bypassing any frame-busting with their shenanigans.
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