Can someone explain Google Data Centers to me?

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    We all know that Google is so huge that they have multiple data centers around the world to "service" all the searches that are going on. These "data" at these data centers is not always (ever?) the same. Which brings up my question/problem.

    I have a couple sites that have been stuck at bottom of first page or top of second page for a while. I have started some heavy link-building for these sites to see if I can push the rankings up. They have moved a little, however, I have noticed differences in the rankings. I use one program on my local PC to track rankings. I also use (free membership) to see what they say too.

    Over the past few days, the rankings shown on have jumped around a lot. A couple of my sites were shown at #2 for a while, dropped, went back, and dropped back again. The other program I have (and what I see on my PC if I do the searches manually) has stayed more level.

    Because of this, I started looking into these "data centers". There are a lot of them. I have tried doing the same searches at many of these data centers. Almost all of them show my sites listed at #1 or #2. However, when I do the same search at, I am still at #8 (give or take).

    Is this just the "Google dance" starting? Why do none of the data center I check show the same results as

    And the real kicker, I have the ShowIP Firefox addon installed (shows the IP for the site displayed in your browser session). If I do a search on (where my site is listed #8) and then take the IP address listed and perform the same search from that IP (instead of hxxp:// my site will show at #2.