Can someone describe "how-to" these blackhat seo methods?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by directaxcess, Sep 15, 2011.

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    So I've been reading around and have learned a lot already, more than I've learned on other forums (including warriorforums). Just wondering if one last time, someone can just clarify these methods of building backlinks:

    -- Blog Commenting -- is this done with Scrapebox? Any alternatives?
    -- Social Bookmarks -- what are these and how to make them?
    -- PR Profile Linkwheel -- what are these and how to make them?
    -- Web 2.0 Properties -- I know what they are, but do they all require manual registration? How many accounts should I register at each Web 2.0? Anyway to auto-register? Anyway to auto-post or partially auto-post (Zennoposter)? I heard SenukeX does this as well?
    -- Article Directory Submits -- can be done with AMR I know already. What's the difference between "Article Friendly," "Article Dashboard" etc?

    So once you check all the live links, do you ping them all? Make RSS feeds and submit to RSS directories (how do you do this exactly?). Save them all as bookmarks and submit them to bookmark directories (how do you do this exactly?).

    If you can't answer all the questions, please just answer the last paragraph. I read somewhere that after creating backlinks you should make RSS Feed of them and submit to RSS directories and bookmark them and submit them to bookmark directories (what exactly out of the above listed things do we do this for?)
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    Most of those, besides blog commenting, can be done with Senuke. It's a very powerful automated software that I use myself. Scrapebox does the blog haverting and commenting.