can someone confirm this? (digging and bookmarking observation)

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by blackhaze, Mar 1, 2009.

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    i created a blog entry, and usually my blog-entries are indexed and ranked pretty quick, about 1hr after i ping google i usually see my blogs already indexed.

    One particular entry was at page 4 or so on google. So, not long after i wrote the blog i self-digged my entry on digg, put in on propeller, stumble and technorati.

    My entry disappeared, now when i search for the keyword i cant find it, at least not in the first #8 or so google pages. (The site with all the entries is still in the index tho.)

    What i think:

    Google thinks its suspicious if a new blog entry/page appears and if is digged soon thereafter??

    Just wondering if someone made the same observation.

    I think its just odd that i rank pretty "ok" for some keyword...then i want to boost ranking by VERY little bookmarking, and it disappears?
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    I think it's more coincidence but with google I guess you never know. it is not uncommon for sites or posts to rank, then disappear, then come back again. I have recently had the same experience but the entries came back again. This time around though it took like two weeks to show back up again which is way longer than I have ever experienced before.

    I use to run my sites/posts through a bookmarking and stumble blast, but I stopped doing that about a year ago. It still works and is effective, but what i find works better for me now is having a few friends stumble my stuff initially. I will bookmark it with just a few of the top, do follow sites, and then ping.

    Then I gradually go into my link campaign.
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    The reason for this is because your site was "fresh" in Google's eyes, so it got high priority in its search engine especially when it was backed by high authority sites such as Digg.

    However, when several hours have passed, your site goes back/disappears and new sites appear.

    This is also similar to youtube, new videos have a couple hour "feature" time on its platform. (Google owns Youtube, so they have similar algorithms and codes)
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    This is all part of the randomness that is Google. We all try and make sense of what the big G does but quite often it just does it's own thing. When it comes to rankings, depending on the market you could be rank one day, deindexed the next and then back again and ranking better than ever before. Some markets that are less competitive and desperate for some fresh content will rank you quicker and you will hold rank longer than in other markets.