Can someone clarify this?

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    Alright so I was reading through the terms of service with Bucksense because im gonna try and use a method that involves craigslist and yeah its kinda blackhat...Buttt, anyway, so I was reading through and didnt really find anything that said i couldnt use craigslist but I was wondering if you guys could try and find something that maybe i missed.

    Heres their "prohibited affiliate marketing tactics" thing from their Terms of Service.

    1. Prohibited Affiliate Marketing Tactics
      Publishers may not:
      1. Engage in any fake profile postings in sites such as,,, etc.
      2. Use "bots" to generate fake profiles that link to any Advertiser's page.
      3. Use adware, spyware, or any kind of "--ware" without prior written approval from BuckSense.
      4. Any sales generated through impermissible tactics will not be considered valid Actions (as defined in a certain Standard Advertising Affiliate Agreement made between the parties)
      5. Promote Offers via any type of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) mechanisms.

        Now am I missing something? Because this is a bit, deceptive...and kinda unethical....But not really, illegal, i guess.