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Can someone answer me some questions about gsa? i am beginner in gsa

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by karasu1995, Oct 10, 2015.

  1. karasu1995

    karasu1995 Registered Member

    Apr 24, 2015
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    Well here are the questions, simple and straight, i dont like to brag:

    1. I have blasted 17k verified links across 15 url's in 1 campaign. Which way do you believe its more efficient for ranking ? 15 2.0 web links ? by blasting 15k+ links to each of the 15 separate campaigns (each campaign will be 1 2.0 link only) or by blasting 15k+ links to 15 links in 1 single campaign ? (this is the way i am blasting at the moment).

    2. I am new to gsa and 2.0 links (before i was ranking with PBN and i have to say that its much easier with pbn but is too expensive for me at the moment to continue ranking with PBN links so i switched to gsa platform and 2.0 properties for now but i am total beginner here. OK ,the question is, HOW MANY VERIFIED LINKS will be enough to blast a 2.0 website ?

    3. How many verified url's daily will be enough after the blast is over, to 2.0 links of course! and i have blasted 17k verified urls the most and with sync, is now giving me 150-500 urls daily only, will this suffice ?

    4. For blast i have selected -> https://gyazo.com/25a191afbbbc620a61ab06d17ab8b73e <- ! Is this good ? (though 70% or more of the links are blog comments)

    5. How to proceed next, after the blast is over and the website has ranked? should i do new 2.0 links and blast them next ? or...

    6. How much time should i wait after the blast is over and most of links have been indexed ? i mean... how much time untill i see ranking or results. (After 2 days of blasting i see 0 results or movement in serp, is that normal ?)

    7. What links do you check for Tier 1 -> money site ? (Web 2.0 / Article / Social Bookmark / Social Network) ,this is what i have selected although i am not sure if it's ok

    8. How many links you build daily to your money site ? 5 or 10 links ?

    9. What you check for the Tier Project (from the 5-10 new links you build to money site and decide to blast them is what i mean). You check articles/blog comments/directory/document sharing/exploit/forum/guestbook/image comment/microblog/referrer/rss/social bookmark/social network/url shortener/wiki just like a blast? or...

    10. Do you build these links using gsa? or you steal them from competitors and write the articles mannualy ?

    11. What kind of links do you send & blast to your money site and blast them except 2.0 web links ?

    12. Scraping your own list (Scrapebox) with relevant domains to your niche will have a bigger impact to your ranking ? or that's necessary just to build links to money site.

    13. The link services i use give's me 80% duplicated domains! is alright to blast the web 2.0 with duplicated domains? or u always remove the duplicate domains (well i always remove duplicate urls though).

    14. Does the juice split on the same domains? or each page comming from the same domain has it's own value to pass.

    That's enough questions for now, this tool has sparkled my interest and i hope that i will do something with it. I have everything ready! A good list of private dedicated proxy's, good index service, good link services (now i just need to move to a SSD machine but my machine is good enough ), the left thing for me to do now is to learn how to blast efficiently and use brain when doing it. Cause now im doing all random, like a robot, i dont yet understand the meaning beyond this tool and how to use it to rank efficiently (my knowledge is getting better but i lack experience since i started several days ago).
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