can somene please explain :)

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by heyyz, Mar 30, 2009.

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    okay so i hear people going on about channel views all the time
    (shit i'm guna sound so stupid here)

    but why are channel views so important? what can you gain from them?

    i mean i only have a few hundred (real) subs, so say if i've only got 350 subs but like 50,000 channel views wont people think it's a bit suspicious?
    I don?t understand it. Cause at the moment i only have just over 7,000 channel views (on my main account)
    (i tried using t.i for channel views on one of my mule accounts but it only does 300 at a time max) sooo...
    also i don't have a channel type, i'm just a normal youtuber so... :(
    Explain please J thanks
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    As far as I know, Youtube and Google will place you higher in search if you have more views. This is not the only condition that determines your place in the serach, but a significant one.
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