Can somebody please help me ?

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    Mar 12, 2009
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    I saw this site yesterday and it seems that you guys are really helping each other !
    ( Excuse me for my English, i'm from belgium )

    I would like to ask if their is somebody who can help me ?
    Becose i have spend the last month 400-600$ at advertising programs and all that bullsh**.
    I think you guys know what i mean :smashfrea

    I already have i website ( noobish ) and i'm selling 1 product on it which is connected with clickbank.
    I hosted that site at GDI, and i'm also trying to make money with GDI !
    But nothing is working :mmm:
    I'm even trying to make money with a free blog with adsense on it.

    Guys i really need help !
    Thank you very much

    Ow, and is this working?
    blackhatworld DOT com SLASH newbiechecklist
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    Mar 12, 2009
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    hey man i wish you the best of luck. I tried dealing with GDI long time ago and never had any success. I looked into clickbank a long time ago too. I would point you towards CPA advertising networks, or cost per action or aquistion (depending on who you're asking). I got into it on the advice of a friend in december, and i'm up over 7k in profit now. Mind you the way i do things is totally black hat, but oh well :) if i could find someone to teach me profitable white hat ways, i'd do it; or even profitable black hat ways :) there's a ton of info on here about cpa; so i'd encourage you to look into it; especailly the threads about "getting into cpa networks". This will help you get in a couple of networks and get your feet wet.

    best of luck
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