Can Somebody Do me a Favor? I Need a Screenshot of SEnukes UI


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Nov 9, 2009
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Hey guys, I haven't used SEnuke in ages & I don't feel like signing up for another free trial just to get a screenshot of the UI.

What I need is a screenshot of the "verify accounts" screen. You know, the one you go to verify your accounts with where it logs in & downloads all your emails & then clicks the links.

It needs to a 100% size screenshot, not a scaled down version & it has to be of the whole SEnuke GUI for that chosen option.

Anybody want to help me out? I'm hoping somebody could do this out of the kindness of their heart.
Oh, in case anybody is wondering how to do this, it's really easy.

Open up SEnuke, go to the "verify accounts screen" (as described above) and then press (at the same time) the Alt and PrintScreen keys.

This will copy a screenshot of SEnuke to your clipboard. Then simply paste it into your favorite photo editing software and save it. Then upload it to a place like imageshack.
Still need one unfortunately. Anybody?
Thanks again to all 3 of you guys. I really appreciate you all taking the time, very cool of you.

Those are perfect and I'm all set (to everybody else).

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