Can some recommend a host for my Auto Blogs


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Dec 28, 2007
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I am sick of getting my domains banned by by current 2 hosts - can anyone recommend a good host for auto blogs?

I dont necessarily want the cheapest just one that I can be confident that my blogs will survive!

Thanks so much!

why are your hosts banning your domains? Or do you mean google is banning them?

Also how many blogs are you running? All of these questions are important in recommending a host.
They are being banned my my hosts for using too much system resources. I have 2 re-seller accounts with about 40 auto blogs on each.

I have thought about VPS or dedicated server but I wouldnt know the first thing about administering the server!
I think you must buy a vps for your 40 auto blogs.

40 auto blogs could you share us how many vistors of your blogs in one day?
I've heard liquidweb vps is good, but haven't used it myself. What software are you using for the autoblogs? Also what hosting companies are you with for your reseller accounts?
I am not getting that many visits - around 100-125 per day accross all of the blogs. I think the problem is more that I use WPRobot to create content and over 40 blogs that adds up!

I am really thinking of VPS now as it appears I dont have to manage anything - if anyone could recommend a good provider it would be much appreciated.
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