Can some give me some honest ideas (Serious Help Needed)

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by TDManager87, Sep 30, 2011.

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    Ok, so I had managed to get a job working in restaurant these past few weeks, but apparently the owner is 3 months behind on her rent, and the manager told us not to come next week. On top of that, I have car, rent, and a few bills due at the end of the month and guess who won't be getting a paycheck?

    I'm not trying to focus on my problems. I made this thread because I need a solution. My goal is to make $2200 (I will not really get $2200 since I will be taxed this year, but after taxes, the net profit is just enough to cover my expenses for 2 months until I can get back on my feet).

    So my question is can someone give me some great ideas, I'm not asking for pot of gold ideas, because that would expose the system, but I I just have less than a month to come up with this money. I would get a job, but I have 2 work 2 weeks before I get a check, and it will be less than what I need.

    So far I have been now busting my ass on articles. I am making money, but the guy at mcdonalds is making more, and I got a seo client, but after taxes and expenses, I make a little under a mcdonalds guy with articles and the client combined, plus I have to work as hard.

    So hear are some ideas I came up with:

    CPA (Legit ways to make money)
    Torrents (I'm still new if someone can help me out)
    Create websites (I don't know how to really design or program, but I know the basics of installing them).

    So I need some more ideas, can anyone help me out. And please no smart ass replies, I am serious, and thanks.
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    That's gonna be tough to do. But, assuming it could be done (not saying it can't), if you have less than a month to get the money i'd stay away from affiliate type things since most pay out a month AFTER the sale or CPA, CPM, etc is recorded. Your best bet is to offer web design service. Make a few sites as demos if you don't have any. "you can search "Crashed Challenge" for a good walk thru on making a site and setting up to be monetized, or you can youtube "how to make a wordpress site." Get a few demo's, and then start posting in your local craigslist under services. Offer things like "$500 websites, 2 day turnaround" something catchy and affordable. Also, in craigslist check "gigs" and "computer" under that. That's filled with people in your area that are LOOKING for a web designer. Might even find someone who needs some SEO.

    That's your best bet, IMO. Good luck.