Can Pinterest pictures be reused ??


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Feb 19, 2012
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Can I use the popular pins present on Pinterest by saving and using them on my site ?

Is there any copyright issue ?
Pinterest places copyright responsibilities on its users. If someone pins a copyrighted image and you use it on your blog, there will be a copyright issue.
just place a link to the sources of your pins.
Thanks for the info. Is there a way to know if the image has been copyrighted.

Just placing a link as Source --> 'Original link', at the end of my article, enough ?

I want to use a popular pin image on my site with similar content for that pin.

Do not want to get into any legal hassles.
Every image is copyrighted. However, if you link to the site itself, the owner probably won't mind as they get free traffic.
Dont forget do add DMCA page on your site and contact form. Owners should have a chance to contact you.
Of course no. You have to write the source if you want to use it.
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