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Can My Business Partners/Friends/Family Join The Forum?

Discussion in 'Brand New to BHW' started by Zwielicht, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Zwielicht

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    Aug 31, 2013
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    Of course! You're more than welcome to invite your business partners, friends, or family to the forum. Many members do this on a daily basis and it's not against the rules.

    However, please note that just to be safe, you should message a moderator about any friends, family, or business associates you've invited to the forum, especially if you'll be sharing an IP address with them. This will help prevent any confusion regarding the accounts in the future.

    There are also some additional rules you and anyone who's associated with needs to follow.
    • You can't boost each other's stats. This means you can't go around liking each other's posts.
    • You can't mislead other members about your relationship on the forum. This means your friends cannot pretend to be your customer to leave fake reviews. This will result in a ban.
    • Unless you're business partners who have an advertised joint venture in a sales thread , you cannot interact with each other's sales threads in any way.
    • If you're a business or brand that wants to work with BHW you should consider the Enterprise program.
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