Can I watch YouTube Videos on my Window VPS without Lag

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by ravinder07, Sep 22, 2014.

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    Recently i used Window Level 2 VPS of hostwinds for running my SEO Tools. Window VPS screen lag really much because of my own slow internet connection at my end. I use internet via usb dongle and my latency is always up to 150 and speed is less then 500kb/sec 95% times so it is really pain to watch Videos on my system with current speed but now i want to use YouTube and other video site for watching and uploading videos and i am thinking if i can do it in my VPS. At my end i can best afford a Broadband VDSL connection of download speed 16mb with data cap of 80GB which is gonna cost me $50/month.
    I want to know is it possible to watch YouTube Videos without lag on my screen playing on window VPS with the speed of 9mb to 16mb from my end?
    I do not know is it practical or not so i am asking you.

    Thank You
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    There will always be some lag. If you upgrade to broadband and plug your computer into the router then you should see an improvement.
    Why do you want to watch YT on your VPS? What is the speed of the internet connection on the VPS?
    The bottleneck is at your end.
    Once you upgrade to broadband it will be better to watch videos on your local computer.
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    You can watch the videos but you won't get the same experience, reason? Because RDP renders out everything as images. Also please note, majority of the hosting companies doesn't uses sound card, so you won't even hear any sound.

    In short, watching YT videos or any other video is not a good idea. Instead invest some extra money on your local ISP and upgrade your Internet Speed.
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    Nope, watching videos through a Windows RDP would not be a good experience. You're probably better off just sticking with watching them through your PC and upgrading your internet connection. An RDP would probably make it worse to be honest.