Can I use bookmarking demon in white hat sites?


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Oct 28, 2009
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Won't I be risking google penalizing me?
Is there a way to use the tool but in a slower more white hat way?
You can but be careful using it. Don't overdue it. Build up some links and then submit the sites that have you links on it through BMD.
Form a linkwheel and use bmd on the sites in the wheel as opposed to your main site then you are good to go.;)
Hello guys i just want to ask what is BMD? is this the bookmarking demon?
Of course you can but make sure to make it look like if you did them all manually.
Use it to bookmark places you have your link such as linkwheel sites, profile pages, etc and the link juice should pass on eventually.
"blackacer" if you use the search there is a list on here somewhere of commonly used abbreviations. If anyone can remember where please post a link. It is usefull. HTH
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