Can I trust these guys for Drop Shipping?


Dec 11, 2007

I have found some list of Drop shipping from Google. Please any let me know can I trust these guys for Drop Shipping.
EC Plaza Network
start with something small and have them send to ur house before trying them up. btw china suppliers mostly are fake
Yup. Do a test order of 10 to 15 of an item and use only for escrow services because most of the others are scams. Or do pay on delivery.
Hmm after looking at their website for less than 1 minute I found this:

For all the orders, prepayment is required.
We accept and maintain many payment channels as bellows:
1. Western Union transfer :

My opinion is to move on and find someone else
Ooh. Western Union + prepayment= Immediate red flag try using Salehoo, I think someone posted their list here, I think that salehoo's suppliers are very reputable
Seems like a scam to me, try to ask them if they want to use the Escrow service, if they don't want to use Escrow they are definitely scammers
i think you're now responding to someone who isnt a part of the forum anymore lol. but on that topic i have used tradetang. they never ripped me off.
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