Can I redirect a google organic listing to a specific landing page?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by areyouserious, May 24, 2010.

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    Ok BHW experts... I have a question and I don't know if it can be done or if it is simple to accomplish and I am just so close to the problem I can't see the solution... therefore I am going to throw it out to this amazing community.

    Allow me to share some background so I can ask for a solution.

    I have a 7 page website. each page is optimized for a specific long-tail keyword. Each of the 7 pages are ranked on the first page of google for their respective optimized keyword.

    Obviously that is great and what everyone who attempts to SEO a page wants.

    I also rank for a few of the LSI keywords used on the pages. Keywords that I DID NOT try to rank for.

    This is still wonderful (more traffic) but here is the problem and I think an illustration will help me ask my question.

    Lets say I build a webpage on "how to cure foot fungus".

    "How To Cure Foot Fungus" is the keyword I optimize for. I write a 500 word article on How to Cure Foot Fungus. I post it up, Google finds it and places my page in the top 10 organic results for "How to Cure Foot Fungus"...

    Mission Accomplished - Yeah for me.

    However I also have a page that is optimized for the "best shoes for daily jogging". "Best Shoes for Daily Jogging" is the keyword I optimize for. I write a 500 word article on the "Best Shoes for Daily Jogging". I post it up, Google finds it and places my page in the top 10 organic results for "Best Shoes for Daily Jogging"...

    Mission Accomplished - Yeah for me.

    I now have two seperate pages indexed by google and ranking in the top 10 for their respective keywords.

    Here is the problem I am trying to solve.

    On my cure foot fungus page, I say...

    You are less likely to get foot fungus if you learn "how to buy a good pair of jogging shoes".
    "how to buy a good pair of jogging shoes" somehow gets picked up by google. Maybe because it is in bold, maybe for some other obscure only-Google-knows-for-sure reason... but it gets picked up and ranked by Google and brings some traffic to the site.

    Here is the problem... that key phrase sends traffic to the Fungus Cure page... I want it to send traffic to the "buy the best jogging shoes" page.

    Is there any way to redirect traffic from keywords that Google randomly decides to rank us for?

    Everyone who has a website has had a keyword rank that they did not try to rank for.

    My question is this... can we redirect randomly ranked keywords/phrases that we discover in google to a specific landing page?

    I hope my post makes sense and thanks in advance for any suggestions, ideas, solutions or recommended readings.

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    not that I'm aware of. however, you could link that sentence/phrase to your shoe website and try to funnel some traffic through.

    if you find a way though, let me know because I have a page that gets tons of traffic for 'mexico porn' and if I could redirect it to an actual porn site that would rock. :)