Can I post the same articles in article sites?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by sharpz, Jan 31, 2008.

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    Hi question here. Can I post the same articles that I placed in my website to other article sites?

    I found some automated article composers but results are not good so I don't intend to use them.
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    Jan 21, 2008
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    I have wondered about this too. I read about article marketers using automated submission software who submit the same article to 100s of article directories. Doesn't this create a duplicate content penalty and knock out all of the articles?
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    Hi Guys, here's what l do and its a breeze and works well......

    It's important that any content that l write is original and fresh so it always goes onto my webpage first and l wait until it has been visited by the search engines then l will take the article put into contentrewritepro select as many copies as l want then click and in a few minutes l will have ten new articles that are very close to the content on my webpage, then l will just check that my links are in and submit a new one to each article directory or make a new hubpage or squidoo lens with them.
    But they all contain the links to convert to money at the same place or drive traffic to the same place.
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    Nov 1, 2007
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    Jeeezzz Nicho you have some patience... I shivver for the word ... wait
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    Oct 12, 2007
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    Hey Nicho,

    Mind I ask if contentrewritepro is this software by Da*vid T*ang:?

    If it is, how do you feel about it in terms of ease of use, the quality of the articles it outputs, and is it worth the money?

    I figure the challenges that a noob like myself would need to over come are kind of like the following (in this order):

    a) Getting articles written - Solved by using: writing them yourself, article writing services, ghost writers, article writing software or scripts

    Once you have the first set of your own original articles, the next challenge is sending them out or submission to article directories.

    b) Submission to article directories - Solved by submitting them yourself, using article submission software or scripts, article submission services (paid), or commissioning someone at actually do this for you (e.g. elance or guru dot com and others).

    Of course, if you send the same copy of your article to a gazillion article directories, you will eventually get hit by problems of duplicate content. Plus, you'd want some of the article content on your website as well but the content cannot be identical to the ones already submitted to article directories. So, you need to modify or rewrite the articles that you already have.

    c) Rewriting or spinning or churning different versions of the same article - Solved by rewriting them yourself, using article writing services again, or article rewrite software or scripts.

    Now that you have different versions of the same content and some have been loaded on to your website, you'd probably want to submit your webpage/website to the search engines and search directories

    d) Submission to search engines or search directories - solved by submitting to search engines and search directories yourself, using submission scripts or software, , using submission services (paid)

    And then you repeat this over and over again.

    Problem with doing it yourself is that it is too tedious and time consuming. Paying for services might be okay but this tends to be out of reach for the noob who isn't making much (or any) money.

    Sorry...went off on a tangent writing my thoughts :)

    Some of you folks seems to have a good working system in place.

    Maybe I'll compile the methods in a separate page some time.

    Thanks, Nicho.

  6. shylesson

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    Jan 10, 2008
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    I'd agree to use contentwriterpro to just rewrite your article so you have the same overall message but don't have the big worry of a dupe content penalty.