Can I make a million with crypto airdrops?

I don't know bro, I don't know if that's interesting. It's boring to sit 24/7 and conditionally snitch on a hamster with 10000 different accounts, but in theory, if the coin will be flooded by top exchanges and all the best outcomes happen and it will give good Xs, then yes, you can
It all depends on whether the airdrops you are farming ever make it past WAVE 1 (see chart below)

99.9999% of meme coins never make it past wave 1 cuz the devs and early holder JEET (unload) early to either cover their costs or get a VERY THIN profit. The price remains close to ZERO and the memecoin never recovers.

This pump happens very very quickly. If you're using Dexscreener to track and trade, you have to set it to SECOND BY SECOND tracking.

If your airdropped token makes it past WAVE 1 without crashing to near zero, you have a longer time horizon and you CAN make good money assuming the Market Cap is decent and there's a large enough base of long term holders - Wave 2 and Wave 3 are very rare.

Your strategies? Find high market cap memecoins that offer airdrops that are WAY past Wave 1 already and have patterns that suggest they may have MULTIPLE WAVES up (not down)

Remember: you may not be paying money for your farmed airdrops, but you are paying with TIME. last I checked, TIME is money.Screenshot_5.png
Another factor is the LIKELIHOOD of the airdropped crypto being listed on a CEX. If that happens, expect a nice pump
Another factor is the LIKELIHOOD of the airdropped crypto being listed on a CEX. If that happens, expect a nice pump
Have you ever thought about market manipulation?

just think about it…

crypto is a relatively new market that isn’t heavily monitored and restricted like actual trading in the stock market.

I was thinking of getting a group of 10-20 friends on telegram and all of us just finding a memecoin to target and finding the telegram chat of said memecoin

then once you are in the memecoin telegram chat, you raid it with your group of 10-20 friends and try to make everyone panic saying that the meme coin will crash nd shiet, and you do it long enough so that all the whales sell their shares of the meme coin and the meme coin drops in price

and once the meme coin drops in price you and your friends buy and and sell all at the same time.

And by the time the mods ban you from the memecoin’s group chat and the price goes back to normal you will already have pump and dumped the meme coin
Just calculate how much you made in a month with airdrops and divide one million by that amount. That is the number of months you will take to reach that number.
It's theoretically possible to make a million dollars through crypto airdrops, but it's highly improbable and would require significant luck, timing, and possibly large-scale participation in numerous airdrops
Guys it's possible to reach a million with airdrops but you have to work with multiple accounts and grind that shit, I'm at $250k farmed with recent airdrops and there's a lot more upcoming
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