Can I make a million with crypto airdrops?

A few months ago I started farming airdrops and making a good money off it. I noticed some people making 10x more than me and I realized that they're multi accounting every airdrop I see. It was quite frustating to do everything manual, I hired my friend to develope a bot and now it's on auto. So far I'm doing every airdrop including social ones, which is like and retweet to get points. This type of airdrop has a low airdrop value, but with 50+ accounts it's turns into something.

I know this is a crypto hype but I'm wondering if it's possible to turn me into a millionaire, so far my biggest win was from TENSOR

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I'm looking for AIRDROPS like TENSOR and G3. On G3 I did multi accounts reffering to my main account to farm points. This was really easy and paid really well. I'm waiting for NYAN and few other projects.

If you have ideas on how to maximize the earnings from this airdrop trend please share with us
I mean im not saying it's impossible but its a way too hard imho, most airdrops involve small token amounts, with a value of a few dollars or less per user even if you created multiple accounts, but i'd like to see if you share your journey where it leads you to
So, I just checked again the G3 coin and you need POLS in order for your wallet to be eligible for claim.


So, the G3 airdrop was not free at all. OP @DeepSpace06 how did you claim the G3 so easily as you said?

Yes, you could and same goes for the opposite. If you strictly do airdrops and no trading/investing your chances of losing money is very low unless of course you fall victim to scams/frauds.

Imagine if you had 10 wallets of tensor, that would be 42k pieces. That tells you the possibility is there, but certainly wouldn't be easy.

The other route is getting lucky, when some of the tokens you hold do multiples X-es
I usually don’t hold airdrop tokens

How your bot works?

Is it free?
It’s farm points for projects, do some social farming etc. no
Didn't G3 need an eligible wallet to get anything from them? If I remember correctly you needed to stake some other coin on the wallet to be eligable for G3 tokens.

This recent airdrop didn’t require anything besides points that you get doing missions and by referrals
The G3 one. I have made a few accounts there, but abandoned all of them when the requirements came out.
Do you remember when you did?
Of course you can become a millionaire from airdrops if you are lucky, just like playing the lottery and some people win the jackpot
The question of whether you can make a million dollars with cryptocurrency airdrops requires you to consider complex factors. While it is theoretically possible, it is very difficult to actually achieve such a goal. Airdrop is a marketing strategy in which projects distribute their tokens or coins to the public for free, and is used to build a community of new projects, expand their user base, and increase the visibility of their tokens.

the possibility

  1. Increased investment value: Some airdropped tokens may increase in value over time. Participation in free tokens for projects that may have significant value later can theoretically lead to significant gains.
  2. Various engagements: If you participate in various airdrops and collect other tokens, some may increase in value over time, resulting in significant gains.


  1. Volatility: Due to the highly volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market, it is difficult to predict the value of airdropped tokens. Some tokens may rise in value, but many tokens may lose value or become obsolete.
  2. Fraud and low-quality projects: Many airdrops come from unreliable projects. Tokens in these projects are often not worth it or even scam.
  3. Tax issues: Profits from airdrops can be taxed, and this may affect profitability.
  4. Time and effort: It takes a significant amount of time and effort to participate and manage a promising airdrop. Even if you participate in numerous airdrops, only a few can be worth it.

the conclusion

To make a million dollars through airdrops, you need to participate in large-scale airdrops, effectively manage market volatility, protect yourself from fraud or low-quality projects, and put in significant effort and strategy. Realistically, for most individuals, this is a very challenging goal. Nevertheless, crypto airdrops can be used as a means to explore the market, learn about a variety of projects, and gain unpretentious benefits.

Thanks AI for this
Broh I would love to work with you . Have experience in AirDrop and crypto for some years. Have both good and bad experience. Also know some gems and gold & early. opportunities. PM me
You already did something different by getting a bot developed for this. Same way to scale to millions , you will kind of need a good team.
I would not be surprised if there are members here who made a million with all crypto airdrops till now. There are some with paid activity and there is higher chance of getting them.
If you are starting out, your aim should not be million. You should consitently make it profitable and try to increase profit every month.
It is possible but lot of luck involved for this. If you really want to make a million, focus on something that is more in your control.
It will depend on how much you invest and how long you hold the coin, must people sell the airdrop as soon as they receive it
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